Now when I first heard the allegations of Gucci Mane dissing T.I. I was kinda like”what the hell is Gucci doing” Lyrically Gucci doesn’t want to mess with T.I. and I know for a fact that dissing T.I. will not get you any new fans so ….. WHAT IS YOUR MOTIVATION?

Check out the track we got and notice how he talks about him being at Birthday bash in Atlanta…. This is the beginning of something big or will T.I. defuse this before it starts. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Some of this needs to stop because I know and you know this is a publicity stunt but if you have some feedback on this let me know. I am thinking Gucci Mane wants T.I. to retaliate…. This would be a lyrical massacre for T.I. Is this another case of LiL Flip…. By the way .. Where is Lil Flip….

I am pretty sure the Pr department at Atlantic will be ready for this one.. shouts out to my boy SYDNEY (Atlantic Records Pr department) ! He had nothing to do with this but I know he is going to have his hands full with this one. I look forward to getting the official release SOON…HINT !

Gucci Man Snap Off? Give a Listen! – go to the link to download at bottom-


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