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**Exclusive** JUNGLE FEVER CHEATER!!!- Taye Diggs

July 31, 2007

While vacationing in Las-Vegas Taye Diggs just learned the hard way.

What happens anywhere does not stay anywhere in the year 2007.
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Married and faithful bull-shit Taye:

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I love it when women take all their husbands money and leave them dirt poor! Call it my guilty pleasure lol.

-Casper– The Not So Friendly Dark Skinned Ghost


July 31, 2007

I mean Wedding day.

“No one knows why we canceled the wedding, but I can tell you that all of the reasons that everyone is speculating and writing about are completely untrue,”

Not even the one about you having a penis?
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Foster, 37, who is now in Atlanta (as is Usher, 28) does address one rumor that spread on local radio stations and blogs – that following Saturday’s canceled ceremony, she checked into a local hospital and went into pre-term labor.

“We had a scare,” she says. “But, I am fine and the baby is fine.”

So scared, that the next day you go around and talk to every near by radio station?

By:Casper – The Not so friendly Dark skinned Ghost.


Usher Calls Off Wedding ***EXCLUSIVE***

July 29, 2007

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YES! Today marks a new beginning for Mr Usher Raymond. ReadersI understand this is not HIP HOP but this is about the movement.
Usher has reportedly called off the wedding with Tameka Foster , long time girl friend. They have a child together[the child is on the way-there will be no abortion at this point] and we don’t even know if they are still engaged. They were supposed to get married at LA Reid’s mansion in the Hamptons.
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Foster a stylist has been getting major media attention because of her recent allegations of welfare fraud and boosting clothes from stores. [Stealing clothes and selling them for the low]

A statement released by Usher’s publicist, Patti Webster, reads, “It was announced today that the wedding ceremony for Usher Raymond, IV and Tameka Foster was canceled. No additional information will be given regarding the circumstances of the cancellation, but we hope the privacy of this matter will be respected.”

This all seems to be a publicity stunt to have the media off of his back. I know Usher mom is excited about this whole ordeal. We shall see how this plays out. Emails us and tell us what you think.

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We here at [] don’t get into gossip , but Usher you a great dude[NO HOMO] but you have to grow up and be a man and if you want Tameka marry her don’t let the world influence you dude. Some say that the marriage was ending because he found estrogen pills in her luggage. We all don’t know the real but credible sources revealed that this was off indefinitely

Now that Usher and Kanye have called off their nuptials, it seems to look like there will be a bowling ball effect to this.

The official statement was put out and I want you all to read this:

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The scene for deception was set at a “getting to know the in-laws” dinner in Tameka’s hometown of Oakland, Calif., on July 7 as the couple finalized plans for a July 28 wedding.

Valencia, 49, explained that Usher led a prayer before dinner, then turned to her and said: “’You know all the family secrets- tell me about them.’ Before I could say a word, Tameka kicked me so hard under the table she almost put a hole in my leg,” Valencia said.

“Then she pulled me aside and whispered: ‘Don’t tell him anything.’”
Source [above quote]: C&D


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.::"F*ck Nelly-" – ..says rapper Huey::.

July 26, 2007

Mr. Pop,Lock and drop it fires back at Nelly when denied the opportunity to do a song together.

The two both hometown is St.Louis and they both are tyring to keep their street cred with the [show me comments].

According to-

in previous interviews, Huey explained how he approached Nelly at a party to talk about the possibility of the two working together on Notebook Paper. But Nelly apparently wasn’t interested, and Huey didn’t take kindly to the way it was all handled. So Huey responded with “Down, Down, Baby,” a dis track riffing off Nelly’s hit “Country Grammar.”

“It’s a support war,” Huey explained rather vaguely. “It’s a difference [between us]. It’s exactly what it is, if you listen to my album, you can see the difference from St. Louis now compared to then. That’s not even St. Louis’ style.”

Nelly eventually stoked the flames with his verse on the street track “Cut It Up,” with Pimp C and Sean Paul of the YoungBloodz.

“It’s a new St. Louis, yeah that’s funny/ I’mma stick with the old, the new don’t make enough money,” he spit on the song.



.::Silk Fire…Does it again::..

July 26, 2007

Silk Fire is setting the stage for the Florida boy’s, This group has been grinding and I have been watching their growth and I have to say they are the next to blow.

Slik Fire Has continually set the charts on fire from PA to FL.
Their hit single Hoola Hoop has continued an upward climb on charts across the region. With the release of their debut album ‘Smooth as Silk – Hot like Fire’ they are poised to make noise in this business of music.

Listen to Silk Fire

.::Break Magazine does it again::.

July 25, 2007

Coming up on the 3rd installment of the showcase that many are talking about, Sho’biz is a showcase sponsored by Break Magazine & Sho’nuff records. This is an event that has taken precedence over many other talent show competitions because of its connections with a real record label.
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Check back for pictures from this event and we will tell you if this was a wack event. The last two was HOT….. but you already know the streetz iz Watchin…

Check out this event in Atlanta July 25th at Sugar Hill in the underground starting at 9pm. Performances at 10pm.

.::Remy Ma said… "I Didnt’ Shoot no body"::.

July 25, 2007

We never found out if this was a publicity stunt or just a bad case of karma but what ever the case may be Remy Ma has a hectic life ahead of her.

Remy Ma had the audacity to tell the papers that she didnt shoot no one.

Remy Ma denied shooting her friend Makeda Barnes-Joseph outside a New York nightspot on Saturday night.
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“I didn’t shoot my friend!” Ma yelled to reporters from the second-floor window of her Cliffside Park, New Jersey, home, according to New York’s Daily News. “I didn’t shoot nobody!”
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Remy Ma, 26, pleaded not guilty to attempted murder, first-degree assault and weapons charges on Sunday and was released from Rikers Island after her manager reportedly put up his home as collateral on the $250,000 bond. According to the Daily News, as she walked to a Cadillac Escalade about 10:45 p.m. Sunday after her release, Ma warned photographers to get out of her way with a string of expletives and then spat out a wad of gum. She is due back in court on August 14.
Full Story

.::Pimp C says F*ck the SOUTH::.

July 25, 2007

Yes the word is in… Pimp C [1/2 member of houston rap group UGK] says f*ck the south… Now I know you scratching your heads and saying to your self… damn Houston is on the south why would he say this?Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

No one really knows why he is saying this but this come off of a number of great things happens for Pimp C and not to mention one of the hottest songs in the country is with a southern rap group [song: international players anthem]

Pimp C said the Atlanta music scene is not crunk. He states that Atlanta stole their style from 3 6 Mafia in Memphis. He said F*uck Young Jeezy! Now if you recall. Jezzy was one of the bigger advocates in helping Bun B get Pimp C out of jail.
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I want to know how my man ….David Banner feels about this….. We know Banner has not been seen for a while but you have to be honest David Banner was ridin for Pimp C to get out of jail.

Bun B Rallied for the entire South to help Pimp C out of jail

T.I. gave much homage to the UGK family… even did a remake of their song….

You dis Jeezy
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Where does all of this leave Bun B. This leaves Bun B in a state of confusion. We hope they can sit down and talk about this because this goes deeper then the musc industry. These boys are the streetz they just may be black men that are apart of a family that assemble as an extreme mafia.

…..Da streetz iz talking

Listen Here what PIMP C has to say….

Ramona DeBreaux’s Out of Radio……For now?

July 20, 2007

No sooner the Porshia Foxx, comes back on air at Atlanta #1 station Vee 103, There has been a total shake-up in radio. Mid-day host on Vee 103 competitor Ramona DeBreaux has been ousted from Hot 107 in Atlanta.
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Sources says that the ratings of the show was horrible. If you had a chance to look at the show you would think that a beautiful women like DeBreaux would have more personality then she does.

She moved up the ranks very fast at the station and when she finally gets there she is booted [Hmmmm ?] Sometimes we cant explain the behavior or these corporate entities but it is for sure that DeBreaux would not be able to compete with Porshia Foxx.

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So what next for the mid-day Diva? [Good question] we will keep you updated but sources say that she is putting out an album…. We will be on the look out for that one for sure!….

Houston Slab culture

July 18, 2007

Now it has come o my attention just like the west coast “Hyphy” movement that Houston has the Slab culture , we wanted you to take a look at what we found on the internet just going through.

The video has inspired me to do a full scale write up on the slab culture. It is a SOUTHERN MOVEMENT…GET WIT IT !!!