*****T.I. and the DTP camp at it again!!- T.I Fights Chaka*****

I can loosely remember some time ago Luda, and the DTP family was in Montgomery Alabama and a fight ensued from the grand hustle family and the and the DTP family. Now I just think that both camps does not like each other now Luda manager Chaka Zula has gotten a piece of the action.

As reported late in the am on Sunday June 24 by SOHH Gyant (thanks Homie) there is another fisticuffs going on next to the evening they all are about to appear on BET Live for the BET Awards. We hoped that this will not boil over but who knows we all will be glued to our seats.

Just last week the two was in the same party at Noir lounge in the Castleberry district in Atlanta and We all were on the patio together. -Yes I had an opportunity to be there to see this first hand and I seen nothing really unsuual but DTP was on one side and Grand Hustle was on the other. Not strange if you from the streets and you know what could go down in any moment. But as I was told because I left m, There was a problem between the two there.

When will this stop????

T.I. vs Chaka

What really Happen-Gyant SOHH

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