NO STOPPIN 50cent……….

Hip-hop star 50 Cent is expanding his G-Unit clothing line – by opening an online

virtual boutique to sell garments and promote his forthcoming album “Curtis.” The

rapper will join other artists such as rockers Slipknot and The Sex Pistols by

launching a store in Zwinktopia, a virtual world with 6.5 million users, who create

characters which interact with other inhabitants. They can also purchase virtual

clothes and belongings. But 50 Cent’s creative team are still planning how the store

will operate, although the rapper’s merchandise will be available free to users,

unlike that of other performers with a presence on the site. Chris Romero, the

star’s creative director of digital media, says, “It’s the equivalent of sending a

marketing team to a new country where there is a new economy.” (Thanks Myra Panache)



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