Hot 107.9 Birthday Bash 2007…… Was it a Success.

Well looking at the standpoint of a consumer. I could imagine that everyone might of had a good time. Tahira Wright of Platinum Dynasty of her staff along with Radio One, indeeds know how to put on a good showing. Knowing how this event could draw out many, BIRTHDAY BASH in ATLANTA has become one of the many staples of the new millineum.

It is not quite Freak-nic or not even Freak-nicsque! But all in all it was nothing but pure excitement.

**** With the courtesy of my man GYANT of SOHH, I have the visuals for you to enjoy.

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Some would say that this check was so WACK of him to do . I mean some of you looking at this video may say the same thing but lets be clear. Usher did not and should not have came to birthday bash. Birthday Bash is for the Hip HOp and Urban rappers and performers. He probably got asked out to come there so when it is all said and done they can say “Usher even came to Birthday Bash.”

****Could they have Better Models*****

SOHH Atlanta


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