::Young Jeezy gets new manager::

Now some people would say we as bloggers need to get a life but who would report the information that you want to knwo if we did not. In Atlanta there has not bee talks about it but it is trying to stay on the HUSHHHHHHH, Kinky B is the new manager of young Jeezy. This is all unconfirmed but reported in the hip hop news is that Jeezy fired his long time manager Coach K from his manager duties.

Coach K is responsible for bringing SLick Pulla to the USDA family. This all come shortly after the release of the summer smash by USDA.



One Response to “::Young Jeezy gets new manager::”

  1. AgentkoolMcCool Says:

    Well Kinky B has always been Jeezy’s unofficial manager for yrs. Anyway as long as Jeezy keeps doing his thing and repping ATL to tha fullest. ATL also happens to playing host to Yaris’s Dj vs Dj battle this thurs at Puritan Mills, hosted by Hot 107’s E4Real. Winner gets 2 Gs plus a chance to be in the finals in Ch-town. For more info chack out http://www.yarisversusyaris.com/. I work with Yaris thats how i know. Peace

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