::Snitchin’- Would you do it?::

I don’t know what happen to Hip Hop over the past few years but it is going through a real sudden demise. We have come to a real realization that we do not know how to communicate effectively to the masses with out involving BITCH or HOE.

A few days ago there was a 60 minutes special involving rapper Cam’ron and his statement about Snitchin’.

If you missed some of the reckless things this man has said, he briefly mentioned that he would move from his house if a serial killer lived down stairs from him instead of snitchn’. You have to be kidding me … what did he say? “I would move from my house instead of Snitchin’

This has become an epidemic in the hip hop community-Snitchin. Have we lost our sense of values? Have we lost the understanding of the black family?

Now I do not want to get heavy with the topic but we need to start to understand that we need to be held accountable for our actions.

Hear What Cam’ron has to say


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