::"Micheal Jordan’s ex wife with a new man"::

Now we all know that there is no replacing Micheal Jordan in your household (NO HOMO), but former wife of Jordan , Juanita Jordan is dating a investment banker that she is getting very serious with. I dont knwo if this is the age of “Stella’s” but i need to grab me one ! At least I can say they dont have all the hang up like these damn young girls.

And in AKON & R Kelly situation, you dont have to worry if they are old enough.

Juanita is dating a man nearly 15 years younger then her…. DAMN SHE IS PIMPIN….

Word is that Juanita and new beau, a 29 year old investment banker from the Chicago branch of Credit Suisse, are getting pretty serious. Tells one of Juanita’s pals, “he’s really smart and really good looking – actually he looks a lot like a young Michael [Jordan].”

And the news just keeps getting better for the newly-single Juanita. When her divorce from Michael is finalized in the next few months, Juanita is slated to get close to $200 million in cash and assets.

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