.:Should Hip Hop Be the Blame?:.

The blogs were blazing nearly a week ago about Don Imus’s comments he spouted out on his nationally syndicated radio show. Over the past week there has been a bigger issue that took precedence over DON IMUS (Virginia Tech Shooting) that has gotten Imus off the hook for a minute.

But before the Don Imus tirade nearly fizzled out, the focus of hip hop was attacked by many people. Figurehead from all walks of life, even famous dignitaries and influential people in the African American community in fact.

The big deal was yesterday afternoon, the media Mogul Oprah Winfrey decided to express her deepest sincerity about journalism and took and active stand on having Hip Hop leaders on her show.

As we all know Opfree-I mean Oprah makes it very clear that she does not like hip hop and their misogynistic lyrics that they convey. What was the point of this show? Was it to attack? Was it to dispel the myth? Or was it just an educational debate with educated scholars about the state of black America? All in all , this can be looked at as great strides in our society.

The question arose about Hip Hop taking an active role in standing up and being responsible for some of the blame. Should Hip Hop be the blame? Is the media or others that have an agenda for the demise of hip hop trying to blame hip hop for an escape-goat?

-PJ Jackson Jr.


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