“Shawnna is a very talented artist but is no longer rocking with DTP”

The Chicago native has had a hard time getting her respect in this industry. After three albums and a semi rocky relationship with Def Jam, it seems that ole girl just can’t catch a break. She had a slight hit record last summer titled “Getting Some Head”, but after that she disappeared on the music charts.

While it’s unfortunate that she’s been canned, I can’t say that I’m all that surprised. If you look at 50 cent, Puffy, Missy Elliot, and now Ludacris, they are all highly successful artist’s who cant seem to rub that same success off on their people.

50 started out good, so did Puff. But history has constantly shown us that multi-platinum artists don’t make platinum CEO’s of record labels. Putting it plainly—they are out of their leagues!

While I can’t authenticate the rumor as of yet, I will keep snooping around to see what I can find. But her myspace page is indicating that their is something going on. Because Under her “Top Friends” catergory there arent any DTP recording artists, or the head master himself listed. Interesting!


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