::Rude Comments….Racist or Opinionated::

On April 7 2007 there was a visual and very blatant overtone of racist remarks made by syndicated radio show host Don Imus. Now the entire world has latched on to this story and I would be remising to think that I could not put my two cents into perspective.

I am all about music and entertainment but through all of that, I do have a mom and female siblings that I totally respect. By hearing comments like this lets me know that we are still 30 years far behind and we will continue to have racist and bigot individuals in the world that we live.

The Bottom –line in this matter is if Mr. Don Imus should be fired or just reprimanded. A punishment has been sent down for him and he has been issued a two week suspension which is utterly disrespectful to the African American race, Rutgers female basketball team and female in general.

It has been reported that Imus has been called out on his racist remarks before and nothing was done about it.

REV. Al Sharpton had Imus on his radio show and it did not get any where. Imus tried to apologize but Sharpton did not want to have no parts of this discussion. Sharpton goes on to say if I ever came on your show it would have to be your last show on radio-after imus invited him to sit in on his show.

I think Imus is totally appeasing the African American race by doing some poor-man publicity stunt by wanting a black person on his show everyday. I question his sincerity in this matter. Imus is a known racist and he has no remorse

By: PJ Jackson Jr.



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