::Caught in a Love triangle @ Texas A&M:: Student killed

HOUSTON (Map, News) – A murder charge was filed against the ex-boyfriend of a missing Texas A&M student after he led investigators to a trash container where he allegedly put her body, authorities said.

Timothy Wayne Shepherd, 27, was charged with murder Wednesday in the death of Tynesha Stewart, said Lt. John Denholm of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office homicide division.

Stewart, a 19-year-old college freshman, was last seen with Shepherd on March 15 while she was home for spring break visiting her mother.

Authorities said it will be difficult to find Stewart’s body because the trash bin has been hauled off at least twice since last week and taken to different locations.

“We are exploring whether it’s even possible to search for her remains at this point,” Denholm said. “It’s the literal needle in the haystack.”

Shepherd had allowed investigators to search his car and apartment and had been cooperative during interviews through early Wednesday morning, Denholm said.

Shepherd met with community activist Quanell X on Wednesday. Denholm said Quanell X then arranged a meeting with Shepherd and Harris County authorities in the activist’s car.

“He told me, with the investigator in the car, where to go. He led us all the way, and when he stood before the dumpster, he broke down, and he said, ‘This is where I put her,'” said Quanell X.

Denholm said Shepherd had not made a formal confession. A Sheriff’s Office communications official wouldn’t release information on Shepherd’s bond amount or whether he had a lawyer early Thursday morning.

Gale Stewart, mother of Tynesha Stewart, said Shepherd wouldn’t let her daughter go after their relationship ended.

“He was older, and older men tend to be possessive,” she said.

Kendria Smith, a longtime friend of Tynesha Stewart, said Stewart and Shepherd quit dating at the beginning of this school year.


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