::HOT 107.9 Atlanta Vs. CJ::

By The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Although Fulton County Judge Wendy Shoob earlier this month ruled in her favor over a non-compete clause in her contract at Hot 107.9, the station appealed. This has left her in extended limbo.

CJ left Hot because they never offered to renew her contract, she said. So she got an offer from rival 95.5/The Beat. But Radio One tried to stop that deal by saying she was under a six-month noncompete. Her attorney Daniel Meachum successfully argued that the noncompete was poorly written and even then, she was no longer under contract at the time of her departure at Hot Feb. 2.

But Meachum said as long as the case is pending, Cox Radio won’t give her the co-host morning job at 95.5/The Beat. He’s hoping the Court of Appeals acts quickly.

“Frankly, this is terribly meanspirited,” Meachum said. “They are keeping this woman from working. It’s not like this girl is Ryan Cameron making $600,000 a year. They’re going to spend more on legal fees than her salary. They’re not doing this in good faith.”

Her former boss Wayne Brown at Hot 107.9 hasn’t returned a call. (He didn’t return a call when the decision was made two weeks ago either.)


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