Eddie Murphy had enough star power at his recent LA Premiere, for his hit new hit movie “Norbit”, that could have satisfied every media outlet on the planet. Bow Wow, Gabrielle Union, Chris Rock, Marlon Waynas, Kat Williams, Tyrese Gibson and others were all in tow to support Black Hollywood’s “golden child”.

But with his guest list being as impressive as it was. One particular attendee seems to still be churning the gay rumor pot more and more. After all these years of speculation over Johnny Gill and Eddie Murphy’s alleged how you doing relationship, could there have been a recent confession by Mr. Gill himself?

In this exclusive video sent to me by the people over at MochaCity.com, Johnny is caught on video pleading for people to go out and support Eddie’s film so that it can bring in more money for he and Best Supporting Actor Nominee, Eddie Murphy.

What’s incredible about Gill’s surprising revelation is that if you watch the clip below (at the 4:52 second point) then you will witness Johnny’s sly confession, that he in fact does have a-more then friends-relationship with Eddie. If you understand sideways talk, which I’m very fluent in, then you can immediately pick up on what Johnny is exactly trying to say.

In my opinion , the court is adjourned on this one people. They’re as how you doing as Christmas!

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