Two Black Coaches(Soul Bowl)….What’s Next? -Obama as Preseident !

Now we have seen Britney Spears and Madonna kiss; we have seen Timberlake and Jackson bare it all but only in a million years would we have seen a triumphant experience come before us in this new millennium that two black coaches would be seen coaching in the Super Bowl in the NFL-National Football League.

Two black head coaches has now catapulted into the worlds most advertise, propagandized festivities known to man on this human earth-The XLI NFL Super Bowl.

Coach, Lovie Smith-Chicago Bears, and Tony Dungy-Indianapolis Colts has set forth history in this upcoming Super Bowl conquest. The two coaches have adamant respect for each; not to mention they’re best friends and talk very frequently-every Monday. We all know that the illustrious grid-iron game of football is not just football in the American traditions of the Super Bowl. You have millions dollar athletes playing in a highly publicized, heavily watched game.

As fans of the super bowl, after all of the smoke clears with the –black coaches monikers, the million dollar commercials we set forth to look forward to; we all hope that it turns out to be a good football game. That is what we really are gearing ourselves up to do on Feb. 4, 2007 –watch a football game.

Some may watch it in HD, some may watch it on their 12in screen working 3rd shift but we all know all eyes will be set on one of the most historic football games know to man.

In the heart of Miami, miles from the urban slums of Carroll City and minutes from the lavish posterior of South beach ones thing is for sure, there will be “Soul in the Bowl” this year.

Half time show is scheduled to be the legendary PRINCE.

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