::Atlanta’s Premeire Resturant closes its doors and goes to " B.E.D"::

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

A year after its much-ballyhooed opening, B.E.D., the trendy downtown restaurant that took eating in repose literally, has closed.

The restaurant, housed on two floors of the boutique Glenn Hotel at the corner of Marietta and Spring streets, made headlines in early 2006 by asking Atlanta diners to eat while in bed — a design that made it distinctive among the city’s hot spots.

It joined sister restaurants in Miami and Manhattan, giving Atlanta a certain cachet among those saying the city had become a sophisticated culinary destination.

However, reviews of the establishment’s food and service were not kind. And some said Atlantans never got comfortable with the idea of a restaurant where patrons dined in bed.

David Marvin, who owns the Glenn, said B.E.D. and the Glenn parted amicably.

“It’s an opportunity for both partners to retool,” he said. “We mutually decided to go in different directions.”

He said the restaurant space B.E.D. vacated remains in operation and will be run by Tecton Hospitality, which manages the hotel.

He is committed, however, to putting another concept restaurant in the hotel.

“B.E.D. may have been too esoteric for some visitors,” he said. “Some people had good experience, some did not. For us, we think something a little more mainstream might be better suited for the Glenn.”

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