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Surviving the Holidays
Yvelette Stines

As we are beginning the holiday season there is excitement, stress, and for some individuals pure loneliness. Many of you are traveling or visiting with relativities that you have not seen for a long time others maybe expecting guests. Regardless, this is a time where your schedule naturally increases along with your stress level, eating, and lack of rest. The following is a quick guide to help you survive the holidays.

Keep a schedule: Shopping, preparing for company, and travel is on you agenda in addition to your everyday tasks. It is inevitable during this time that your schedule will be disrupted, it is essential to make a task list with priorities first. If you have a project to complete for work, finish up as much as you can early, so if an extra errand or a past due favor for a friend comes up, you will not be stressed or pinched for time.

Eat Healthy: We all tend to indulge in some guilty eating pleasure during the holidays. It is important to maintain your healthy eating regime as much as possible. If you are planning a long day of errands pack a healthy snack of fruits and vegetables to eat throughout the day so you won’t overindulge at the mall’s food court or restaurants. We are all tempted this time of year when it comes to desserts, it is best to indulge in moderation.

Exercise: Exercise has many health benefits. Although it may be difficult to keep up your regular health routine during this time of year, make the most out of your errands. If you are in the mall, hold your shopping bags in both hands and speed up your walk for ten minutes. If you are standing in a long line, use your bags as weights as you rise up on the balls of your feet, try three sets of ten. At holiday parties don’t be too shy to dance, it is great fun and a wonderful way to burn calories. Even though these are mild alternatives to working out, try your best to keep up your normal workout routine, it will help release stress, minimize and eliminate weight gain.

Budget: The holidays are within a two month span every
year, don’t break the bank. During the season keep a
budget and maintain restraint when it comes to excess
spending. If you need help with your budget, ask a
financially responsible friend for help. Remember, the
holidays have a deeper meaning than gifts. It is
illogical to spend 2007 paying off bills from the
holidays of 2006.

Your Time: After all the shopping, last minute
projects, and company you are most likely wondering
what else is there to do? This is a wonderful time to
treat yourself to whatever makes you happy. Remember,
there is no happiness without self happiness.

Have a wonderful holiday season.

Yvelette Stines, M.Ed, M.S., is a writer and literary producer. You can reach her at http://www.yvelettestines.com or stinesym@yahoo.com.


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