.::Beyonce’ Disappoints Fans::.

The most exciting feature of your birthday is receiving presents from your love ones. On September 5, Beyonce receive a “B’day” preset that she would never forget. For most RnB soul singers a mere 541,000 copies sold in the first week is literally consider to be a form of success but for Beyonce Knowles this can be considered a true disappointment for everyone involved.

Beyonce’s lackluster sales is said to be attributed to the reports of her recording this album in only two weeks. You don’t have to be an executive in the entertainment industry to know that you can’t build a successful album in only two weeks time.

According to AJC’s Sonia Murray, the album is hard to grasp.

“Listening to the album was hard to find one or two quality songs, said Murray of the AJC.”

Beyonce’ owes her fans more then what she displayed in this album. The fans of Ms. B’Day are some of the most, liberated, bossy women in America. She can do better for the fans.

This album should have really been distributed before the last album. From album to album, artists are supposed to grow but with this album Beyonce’ has taken a step back-digressed.

What happen to the elegance, the graceful nature and the sheer model-type style that she possesses? This sudden evolution has changed in everything, most importantly her music.

B’day is one to hold off on before visiting your local music store.


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