.::An iconic sound revolution, Sugarhill open its doors Fall 2006 ::.

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Underground Atlanta prepares for the sweetest music renaissance

An iconic sound revolution, Sugarhill open its doors Fall 2006

Atlanta, Ga (PR Web) September 2006 – Embodying the spirit of the cotton club, the essence of the juke joint, and the arousing concert feel, Sugarhill Lounge fills the void of live sound and entertainment on the Atlanta nightlife scene. Christening the progressive music movement, Sugarhill is set to open their doors September 29, 2006 featuring hip-hop great, Talib Kweli.

Enter into a lounge where the walls are painted with melody, the ceilings drenched in vocals, the seating filled with bass, a bar that serves percussion, and a menu that offers pure talent for breakfast, lunch and dinner. With an appreciation for blue light specials, jam sessions, intimate concerts, and musical history in the making, Sugarhill migrates from the streets of Harlem, New York right to the heart of Atlanta, Georgia. Replacing Billy Holiday with the sensual octaves of R&B sensation JOI, Duke Ellington with Atlanta’s most paramount musicians, and the juke box with arguably some of Atlanta’s most advanced stage, sound, and lighting inside the perimeter, Sugarhill aims to be a fix for the music addicts of the city and a cure for the lackluster venue scene.

Conceptualized and opened by Atlanta’s very own resident renaissance man, Jason Carter (founder of Sol-Fusion), Sugarhill aims to be pure sensory gratification. Reawakening the “New” Undergound, Sugarhill boasts a breath taking, high-gloss, mahogany wood finished entrance, an interior filled with beautiful earth tones that provide the perfect backdrop to uncontaminated performance, a monumental 35 foot stage, two distinct levels of entertainment, 2 Sugar Sweet bars, unlimited parking, and a curfew that surpasses anything heard of in downtown Atlanta – 4:00 am. From small shows to international headliners, this mixed –use facility caters to the genres of soul, hip hop, alternative, funk, and rock and aims to woo the city’s top notch promoters in efforts to keep the venue filled with assorted events and vibes needed to jolt the mundane Atlanta nightlife.

Founded upon the premise of uniting history with modern approach, Sugarhill is the perfect blend of artistic balance. “I was raised in Harlem and the term Sugarhill was always interconnected with progressive, affluent and trend setting people, Sugarhill will serve as a home to these individuals. The term also has a juke joint feel with an posh appeal, the venue will embody this not only in design but in mind-set”, stated Jason Carter, co-founder of Sugarhill. Join Jason Carter, Mc Donalds, Heineken, as they present The Grand Opening featuring Talib Kweli, September 29, 2006. The quickest way to get there…. take the A Train! For more information visit http://www.SugarHillatl.com

Media Contact:

The Garner Circle PR

Upcoming Events:

Tuesdays – jam session hosted by JOI, Billy Odum, Little John, Zooman and some of the best musicians in Atlanta

Sundays – Sugarhill features an exclusive industry night. Remember Colbalt? That VIBE is back!

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