::Can a Business women still become a great Spouse::

When most inhabitants think about commitment and marriage, the perfect times that you share with the one you love, the one person in the world that can truly make your heart melt. How would you feel if your particular love one was not at home much or started to fade away for the reason being her job? Most people could not handle that.

This topic has been talked bout for months on in now but has been lately the talk of most coffee-shop discussions these days is, “Are career women good wives?”

Most of my female friends would tell me I was crazy for even writing this piece because how controversial this topic has become. I know that a lot of career women are very far beyond the capabilities of juggling multiple tasks; the question turns out to be really, Can that woman truly give you a quality relationship we call a MARRIAGE?

Writer Michael Noer of FORBES MAGAZINE gives us a great platform and a justifiable reason why women may not be the best wives … I firmly believe that a career women does have issues with time and other significant things that would make a marriage fail.

Aman can compromise but when does enough become enough. When do the late night meetings stop? When do home –cook meals start? You can’t always spend time with your mate in the wee hours of the morning.

When the work turns off and the relationship does turn on, who is that convienet for, more then likely the female? Not to mention the complex of women making more money in the household. Women are now making more money in some households and that is having a tremendous effect on marriages. This discussion is not to be confused to have you believe that men like submissive women but we want to see more humility in marriages where women and men are making well over 45,000 per year working together.

We must understand that it takes a lot to get married, go through marriage and stick it out in a marriage. Studies show that women are more likely to bail on relationship over her career these days. What does that say about our families in the future?

This epidemic that is being displayed is going to affect our families more then it is now.
50% of all marriages fail. Over half of these marriages consist of women that do not even want to have kids. Yes I am going to say it again; more then half of the marriages do not want to have kids. That is saying something about the selfishness of our career women today.

Career women are the best thing you can have in my opinion but the career women I am referring to have a true understanding of maintaining a solid household and upstanding values.

Women are the nucleus o a lot of successes in this country. A lot of what happen in this country has been done because of the assistance of a woman.

Marriage is a sacred thing. Marriage is about two unions that have come together to understand that we have a mutual feeling for each other and we will be there through thick and thin.

We have to wake up and look at what we are doing. Are women to blame or are men to blame. ? I think we both are to blame but when the average career women steps back and look at what they are doing we may have a grasp on why marriages fail with successful women.


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