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Radio One Star Studded 25th Anniversary Celebration in Washington DC!

September 22, 2006


Radio One Star Studded 25th Anniversary Celebration in Washington DC!

.::An iconic sound revolution, Sugarhill open its doors Fall 2006 ::.

September 21, 2006

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Underground Atlanta prepares for the sweetest music renaissance

An iconic sound revolution, Sugarhill open its doors Fall 2006

Atlanta, Ga (PR Web) September 2006 – Embodying the spirit of the cotton club, the essence of the juke joint, and the arousing concert feel, Sugarhill Lounge fills the void of live sound and entertainment on the Atlanta nightlife scene. Christening the progressive music movement, Sugarhill is set to open their doors September 29, 2006 featuring hip-hop great, Talib Kweli.

Enter into a lounge where the walls are painted with melody, the ceilings drenched in vocals, the seating filled with bass, a bar that serves percussion, and a menu that offers pure talent for breakfast, lunch and dinner. With an appreciation for blue light specials, jam sessions, intimate concerts, and musical history in the making, Sugarhill migrates from the streets of Harlem, New York right to the heart of Atlanta, Georgia. Replacing Billy Holiday with the sensual octaves of R&B sensation JOI, Duke Ellington with Atlanta’s most paramount musicians, and the juke box with arguably some of Atlanta’s most advanced stage, sound, and lighting inside the perimeter, Sugarhill aims to be a fix for the music addicts of the city and a cure for the lackluster venue scene.

Conceptualized and opened by Atlanta’s very own resident renaissance man, Jason Carter (founder of Sol-Fusion), Sugarhill aims to be pure sensory gratification. Reawakening the “New” Undergound, Sugarhill boasts a breath taking, high-gloss, mahogany wood finished entrance, an interior filled with beautiful earth tones that provide the perfect backdrop to uncontaminated performance, a monumental 35 foot stage, two distinct levels of entertainment, 2 Sugar Sweet bars, unlimited parking, and a curfew that surpasses anything heard of in downtown Atlanta – 4:00 am. From small shows to international headliners, this mixed –use facility caters to the genres of soul, hip hop, alternative, funk, and rock and aims to woo the city’s top notch promoters in efforts to keep the venue filled with assorted events and vibes needed to jolt the mundane Atlanta nightlife.

Founded upon the premise of uniting history with modern approach, Sugarhill is the perfect blend of artistic balance. “I was raised in Harlem and the term Sugarhill was always interconnected with progressive, affluent and trend setting people, Sugarhill will serve as a home to these individuals. The term also has a juke joint feel with an posh appeal, the venue will embody this not only in design but in mind-set”, stated Jason Carter, co-founder of Sugarhill. Join Jason Carter, Mc Donalds, Heineken, as they present The Grand Opening featuring Talib Kweli, September 29, 2006. The quickest way to get there…. take the A Train! For more information visit

Media Contact:

The Garner Circle PR

Upcoming Events:

Tuesdays – jam session hosted by JOI, Billy Odum, Little John, Zooman and some of the best musicians in Atlanta

Sundays – Sugarhill features an exclusive industry night. Remember Colbalt? That VIBE is back!

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September 21, 2006



::Check out the new Single from John Mayer:: From his Debut Album "Continuum"

September 21, 2006

The Hip Hop Publicist at Bolt.

.::Beyonce’ Disappoints Fans::.

September 21, 2006

The most exciting feature of your birthday is receiving presents from your love ones. On September 5, Beyonce receive a “B’day” preset that she would never forget. For most RnB soul singers a mere 541,000 copies sold in the first week is literally consider to be a form of success but for Beyonce Knowles this can be considered a true disappointment for everyone involved.

Beyonce’s lackluster sales is said to be attributed to the reports of her recording this album in only two weeks. You don’t have to be an executive in the entertainment industry to know that you can’t build a successful album in only two weeks time.

According to AJC’s Sonia Murray, the album is hard to grasp.

“Listening to the album was hard to find one or two quality songs, said Murray of the AJC.”

Beyonce’ owes her fans more then what she displayed in this album. The fans of Ms. B’Day are some of the most, liberated, bossy women in America. She can do better for the fans.

This album should have really been distributed before the last album. From album to album, artists are supposed to grow but with this album Beyonce’ has taken a step back-digressed.

What happen to the elegance, the graceful nature and the sheer model-type style that she possesses? This sudden evolution has changed in everything, most importantly her music.

B’day is one to hold off on before visiting your local music store.

::Lupe Fiasco..Kicking and Pushing across the charts::

September 21, 2006

It’s not easy being a best kept secret, especially for an artist who is constantly mind traveling and has so much to say. It has to be just as hard when one of hip-hop’s greatest and most respected MC’s tells one of the most powerful record

executives in the world that the talents of the person he’s representing are similar to his own five years ago. That’s exactly what retired rap legend and current President of Def Jam Records, Jay-Z, told then Arista Records CEO L.A. Reid in a meeting back in 2002 about wunderkind Lupe Fiasco.

The 23 year-old Chicago native, who has been highly regarded and coveted by many top-level executives and industry insiders for the past three years, has remained relatively unknown in the public eye. Until now. With the release of his Atlantic Records debut, FOOD & LIQUOR, Lupe Fiasco is sure to take the entire music industry by storm.

Raised on Chicago’s Westside as the youngest boy of nine brothers, Lupe (born Wasalu Muhammad Jaco) is an eclectic soul with varied interests; something that was developed from the upbringing of both of his parents. Lupe’s parents made sure he was exposed to anything and everything that was in their environment, which he credits as a major influence as a person and as an artist.

‘My father was a real prolific African drummer and can play anything from the Djiembe’s to the bagpipes. My mom is a gourmet chef that has traveled the world. We were always around different cultures. It is because of these artistic experiences [that] there are no limitations to what I talk about on my record.’

There are also no limitations to Lupe’s skill and ability as an MC. He has the drive to explore artistic region beyond your comfort zone and the desire to break boundaries, all the while having the edge and street credibility to resonate with the purist and the thug, suburbia and the streets, all in one. Rapping since the eighth grade, Lupe began taking the craft seriously when he was 17 years old, inspired by other MC’s and groups such as Twista, Nas, Crucial Conflict, Spice 1, Eightball and Psycho Drama. Lupe followed this love, and at the age of 19, his group Da Pak landed their first major record deal under Epic Records. The set-up of the four-man group was ‘similar to Boyz N Hood,’ according to Lupe. Unfortunately, the group disbanded soon after releasing their first single.

Unfazed and determined, Lupe and his manager/business partner Chill moved ahead. At one point, the rapper planned to sign with Roc-a-Fella Records. ‘That’s when I first met Jay,’ recalls Lupe. ‘The situation fell through, but we always stayed in contact because he respected my partner and me as a fellow rapper. He did [a lot] to help me boost my career.’ Lupe then signed with Arista Records, but once again his career was halted, this time because Arista head L.A. Reid was relieved from his post. After being thrown around labels, luck finally struck when a former Arista A&R rep and manager of the Notorious B.I.G., Mark Pitts, brought Lupe to the attention of Atlantic Records CEO Craig Kallman. Atlantic proved to be a perfect fit.

‘The title reflects on me being Muslim and being from the streets,’ says Lupe about FOOD & LIQUOR. ‘In Chicago, instead having bodegas like in New York, the majority of the corner stores are called ‘Food and Liquors.’ The store is where everything is at, whether it be the wine-o hanging by the store, or us as kids going back and forth to the store to buy something. The ‘Food’ is the good part and the ‘Liquors’ is the bad part. I try to balance out both parts of me.’

Laced with 14-tracks of complex, thought-provoking and playful lyricism coupled with sure-fire beats, FOOD & LIQUOR will be distributed by Atlantic through Lupe’s company, 1st & 15th Productions, and will feature production by the likes of Nottz, Needles, the Buchanans, Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park, not to mention 1st & 15th producers Soundtrakk and Pro. The song that is sure to help thrust Lupe from underground phenom to mainstream success is the album’s lead single that is dedicated to the art of skateboarding, ‘Kick, Push,’ produced by Soundtrakk. ‘It’s a skateboarding song. I used to skateboard when I was younger. I was really into it. I never really knew that skateboarding was so deep as a culture. It’s just as deep as hip-hop. I’m not the greatest skateboarder, but I’m a damn good rapper, so I made a damn good skateboarding song.’

Many artists have albums that aim to reach a diverse audience, but Lupe is a living embodiment of the word. Lupe is a devout Muslim and a deep thinker who listens to jazz. But he’s also a young man who loves the ladies and likes to chill with his crew. The continued success of hip-hop depends on individuals who combine the streets with intelligence with strong radio airplay. And with Lupe Fiasco, rap has found another favorite son. ‘[When I retire], I want to step away on positive note.’ says Lupe. ‘What you put out into the world comes back to you. You actually change the world with what you do. I want to put some good in the world.’


September 20, 2006

::Buffie Starts to expand her talents::

September 20, 2006

Atlanta, GA Sep 15, 2006 Born Buffie Carruth, but universally known as “Buffie the Body,” her voluptuous stature made her an overnight celebrity upon the premiere of G-Unit member Tony Yayo’s “So Seductive” video, in which she appeared as the lead model. A true-to-life urban Cinderella story, since then Buffie, originally from Athens, Georgia, has become one of the most sought after hip hop models and party hosts in the music industry. With her schedule booked every weekend, she consistently travels across the U.S. and abroad to host and make special guest appearances at A-list parties and industry events. Having been a featured model in the Fall ad campaign for the Azzure Company, founded in 1999 as a denim line fueled by urban enthusiasm and European Style, one might say that Buffie has taken it up a notch. But with brains, beauty, personality and determination, Buffie has it all.

Speak to Buffie about new and upcoming projects, including:

* Her Larger Than Life DVD Executive Produced by DJ Kay Slay!
* Her 2007 Calendar!
* Her affiliation with Azzure Denim!
* Her new acting career!
* . . . . and more!

For more information, visit or

A Motivational Minute by Mr. James Thomas

Speak It!! When we speak, we are actually giving birth to the things that will take place in our lives. Negative words produce negative things, positive words will produce positive things. In the beginning everything that God did, he spoke it in to exeistence. We need to learn to do the same. Change your circumstances by speaking into existence the changes you want in your life. (

About Coozan Communications Corp.

Founded by first cousins, Paula Goins and Kristen Wright in 2006, Coozan Communications Corp., is a full-service Public Relations company focusing on editorial, exposure, cross promotion and business development. Coozan which means cousin in the Creole language, defines the strong family ties the two bear to their rich Louisiana Creole heritage. Having worked in the industry in many areas including magazine publication, journalism, event planning, PR, and event promotion, Goins and Wright decided to make their years of collaborating on various projects official with the inception of Coozan Communications. Together they bring almost 20 years of experience.

Booking Buffie

To have Buffie host or just show up at your Premiere Event, Star or make a cameo in your video or movie, featured in your magazine or on your website, Hit Us Up! Her Booking Agent is standing by! Sponsorship opportunities available for the 2007 Buffie the Body calendar!

::Can a Business women still become a great Spouse::

September 20, 2006

When most inhabitants think about commitment and marriage, the perfect times that you share with the one you love, the one person in the world that can truly make your heart melt. How would you feel if your particular love one was not at home much or started to fade away for the reason being her job? Most people could not handle that.

This topic has been talked bout for months on in now but has been lately the talk of most coffee-shop discussions these days is, “Are career women good wives?”

Most of my female friends would tell me I was crazy for even writing this piece because how controversial this topic has become. I know that a lot of career women are very far beyond the capabilities of juggling multiple tasks; the question turns out to be really, Can that woman truly give you a quality relationship we call a MARRIAGE?

Writer Michael Noer of FORBES MAGAZINE gives us a great platform and a justifiable reason why women may not be the best wives … I firmly believe that a career women does have issues with time and other significant things that would make a marriage fail.

Aman can compromise but when does enough become enough. When do the late night meetings stop? When do home –cook meals start? You can’t always spend time with your mate in the wee hours of the morning.

When the work turns off and the relationship does turn on, who is that convienet for, more then likely the female? Not to mention the complex of women making more money in the household. Women are now making more money in some households and that is having a tremendous effect on marriages. This discussion is not to be confused to have you believe that men like submissive women but we want to see more humility in marriages where women and men are making well over 45,000 per year working together.

We must understand that it takes a lot to get married, go through marriage and stick it out in a marriage. Studies show that women are more likely to bail on relationship over her career these days. What does that say about our families in the future?

This epidemic that is being displayed is going to affect our families more then it is now.
50% of all marriages fail. Over half of these marriages consist of women that do not even want to have kids. Yes I am going to say it again; more then half of the marriages do not want to have kids. That is saying something about the selfishness of our career women today.

Career women are the best thing you can have in my opinion but the career women I am referring to have a true understanding of maintaining a solid household and upstanding values.

Women are the nucleus o a lot of successes in this country. A lot of what happen in this country has been done because of the assistance of a woman.

Marriage is a sacred thing. Marriage is about two unions that have come together to understand that we have a mutual feeling for each other and we will be there through thick and thin.

We have to wake up and look at what we are doing. Are women to blame or are men to blame. ? I think we both are to blame but when the average career women steps back and look at what they are doing we may have a grasp on why marriages fail with successful women.

.::97.5 & GoYe Dj’s Present Showcase –ALL WHITE AFFAIR–PERFORMING LIVE "SOULACE::.

September 8, 2006