As any good college student knows, you’ve got to be precise with your timing when choosing to ask for an extension. Looks like ?uesto is calling his in now, and, well, we figured with Game Theory in stores this week, all his hard work has earned him a bit of a break. No break, however, for Rik Gees. Black Thought fans get ready because I just spent the last few “transcribing” the official Okayplayer interview where Mr. Trotter answers YOUR questions. Well, most of them anyways. It will be up next week.

For the more serious music-heads, take your Game Theory convo over to The Lesson. Yeah, that’s where shit gets serious (I’m talking, the “purchased” version only type serious). It’s also where OKPs have been talking about Kenn Starr’s Starr Status even before we introduced him as our new NHT. Don’t sleep.

The Roots continue to get props in the press this week: Spin magazine lists them as one of their top 25 Best Live Acts. Duh. Even Paul Shaffer could have told you that. (Sidenote: now that we’ve confirmed Paul Shaffer and Dave are fans, you think the Letterman band is gonna start “covering” “Here I Come” on their outros to commercials?) If you’re still not convinced, watch how they rock Camp Bisco on these live videos c/o OKPDan. Jean Grae stays rockin’ her live shows too. Watch as she tears it up at City Hall in NYC!

Mad Skillz got mad questions…. anyone got some answers??



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