Rnd Distribution Creating business deals

While the industry is in a lack luster state right now with good talent, there has been a distribution company known as the distribution company of the south.

The go by the name of R n D Distribution Company. The industry mixer help on August 18, 2006 was one that many artists should try to relieve.

While walking up the steps of the SHOUT restaurant in midtown Atlanta, I was forced to thing of how this event was going to turn out. I was force to consider that this event would be a models and bottle type of event with no real networking taking place. I was force to retract my thoughts in the matter of minutes. Watching Kim Ellis and her intern staff work the door of this mixer, fully lead me to belie that I was coming into a professional atmosphere. (BIG UPS TO KIM ELLIS)

Once I had a chance to enter the threshold, I was immediately bombarded with models with very kind words, and on my other shoulder I was getting snubbed by the Don Diva rep for Atlanta. Now in a state of mind of being mesmerized, I transcended to walk through the crowd to find some familiar faces THAT I KNEW THAT I COULD HAVE A GREAT CONVO WITH.

When entering this type of event I try to gravitate to other publications or individuals that i feel will be interesting to talk to.

As time progressing the evening, we (people that came to the event) was privilege to hear the many accomplishments of the RnD Distribution and the new developments thus far.

After the hustle and bustle of indie artist handing me a cd from every which way, I began my interviewing process.

I love to take the time to interview with artist and music moguls because it is very interesting in what they would say. (CHECK BACK SOON FOR AUDIO FROM THIS EVENT……INTERVIEWS AND SHOUT OUTS)!!!

This evening was coming to a close but with out it coming to a close we have to mention that the sponsor of this event RUSH ENERGY drink and KIM ELLIS did a great job. They even provided pizza and snacks….LOL!

Check back with us with pictures and INTERVIEWS.


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