::::D4L- Will there time fade away ?::::

In response to a quote on SOHH


Some People like club music some people dont! some people come for the west …some people come from the south.
Is music just music anymore?
I like to pose these question because as a Hip Hop Publicist in Atlanta, it is sometimes difficult to understand why the rest of the world is not feeling the dance-beat of the new era of SNAP music.
For lack of a better term, SNAP music has a place in Hip Hop, as for dance music does and as progressive hip hop does as for Go Go music. All of this music is a type of music that is not catered to the masses but is it the betterment of the culture of music.
Lets be honest, all of the music that comes from the west is not all great, from the east or the mid-west. Lets all get off of our soap-box and elevate this music.
D4L is a group that is tryingto may happy dance music for the people and as we can see that are doing a good job. It will long before now that this SNAP music will be featured in a commercial or even in corporate america advertisements.
The SNAP songs could be considered very simplictic songs but at the end of the day , it is there for entertainment.
Is music hear to enteratin or education or both.. Who is the final say so … That is for you to find out.
This is Paul J.-The Hip Hop Publicist of Hi-Priority Publicity just shedding a little light on the situation …
D4L do your thing . Make sure you INVEST cause it may not be long that the SNAP music may fade. Only time will tell.

Written by: Paul J.


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