::A Time 4 Mother’s::

Our Mothers Day celebration –“I am her #1 Fan”

The day you come out of the womb of your mother, you ever really don’t know your destiny but your mother has a great idea that you will be a great one. No matter what the world tells you, your mother will always believe that you are great. Your mother will always be your number one fan. So today why don’t you take the time to be hear number one FAN!

The person we pay homage to of giving us life into this world we only give credit to for only a 24 hour span. The question is how can we acknowledge our mothers in a way that we can show our appreciation? How do we deal with this day of giving?

Some of us give our mothers new cars, some of us give our mothers new things they don’t need, some of us take our mother out for dinner; but no matter the gift we all have one common interest and that this is the day that we show our LOVE for our moms.

I am simply writing this piece for all the moms to let you know that you are really appreciated. You help us through our first day of kindergarten, then our time of puberty, you are just an awesome mom. You took the time out to come get us from school when you knew weren’t really sick … you are always on our side.

Then once we transcended into high school we thought that we could do it with out you cause we was getting older and you let us go and find ourselves. If you have not noticed, we always come back to our mothers cause we just love our moms that much . The only one that we have to give credit to for this is GOD (The Supreme Architect), HE lets you know in so many ways that HE is the way the truth and the light but look to your mother for the LOVE also.

Your mother helps to begin the maturation process through adult hood. This is the most difficult time in your life- adulthood. Adulthood is a time where you have been faced with obstacles that you mom has faced too now you have a best friend that you ca relate to that will give you great advice and not judge you . Sometimes you even conflict with your mom but in the same breath you have understood that you mom is your only mom and you love her dearly.

Mother’s Day is not just any day that should be passed over by just an e-card, or a simple I Love you mom, this day should be extended through out your life time because as I stated before you have only on mother to LOVE!

This mother’s day tribute is just to show that I love my mom and I love all the single parents that are doing it by themselves. This is a task that endures strength, courage, passion, tenacity and a great deal of humility.

MOTHER’S you have done it for another year and know that you are appreciated .I want to let you know that you are truly appreciated from the depths of the earth.

Paul J. –The Hip Hop Publicist aka. Lyrical Soul Shocker (Writer) of Hi-Priority Publicity wants to extend my gracious salutations to all mothers a say HAPPY Mother’s Day !

Wriiten by Paul J.


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