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May 25, 2006


:::Lets Take A Moment of Silence:::

May 20, 2006

::::D4L- Will there time fade away ?::::

May 19, 2006

In response to a quote on SOHH

Some People like club music some people dont! some people come for the west …some people come from the south.
Is music just music anymore?
I like to pose these question because as a Hip Hop Publicist in Atlanta, it is sometimes difficult to understand why the rest of the world is not feeling the dance-beat of the new era of SNAP music.
For lack of a better term, SNAP music has a place in Hip Hop, as for dance music does and as progressive hip hop does as for Go Go music. All of this music is a type of music that is not catered to the masses but is it the betterment of the culture of music.
Lets be honest, all of the music that comes from the west is not all great, from the east or the mid-west. Lets all get off of our soap-box and elevate this music.
D4L is a group that is tryingto may happy dance music for the people and as we can see that are doing a good job. It will long before now that this SNAP music will be featured in a commercial or even in corporate america advertisements.
The SNAP songs could be considered very simplictic songs but at the end of the day , it is there for entertainment.
Is music hear to enteratin or education or both.. Who is the final say so … That is for you to find out.
This is Paul J.-The Hip Hop Publicist of Hi-Priority Publicity just shedding a little light on the situation …
D4L do your thing . Make sure you INVEST cause it may not be long that the SNAP music may fade. Only time will tell.

Written by: Paul J.

Director and producer MONIQUE WOODS !

May 14, 2006

Monique Woods

In 2004, director and producer Monique Woods
entered the burgeoning soul music scene of Atlanta,
Georgia. The result is Finally Saying W hat I Really
Mean, a profound documentary about hip-hop and
soul music which includes interviews and out-takes
from Saul Williams, Joi, Chamillionaire, Jessica
Care Moore, Alice Lovelace, Jill Scott, Van Hunt,
John Goode, Amir Sulliman, the legendary KRS
Woods splits the documentary in four
segments–good music, hip-hop, the music industry, and poetry. She uses the performers, who
share their inner-most thoughts directly with the camera to create a celebration of the music heard
in perform ances, studio sessions, and various panel discussions shot throughout the southeast.
The perform ances are cut short in this fashion, but Finally Saying W hat I Really Mean is not a
concert film. Instead she offers the viewer glimpses of them sharing their thoughts–exploring hiphop
as a cultural voice, soul music as a movement and the art and creativity of po etry as the basis
for all of that.
While Woods remains invisible throughout the film, as if her directorial flourishes or off-screen
narration might deflect attention, the artists do a fine job of sharing their own stories through
interviews and performances. W ith Finally Saying What I Really Mean Woods has created a
master class in m usic, bringing together a vital cast of performers whose energy and passion belie
their years.


May 14, 2006


5520 Twin Lakes Dr. • College Park, GA • 30349
Monique Woods • 404.766.4205 James Smith • 646.554.0625 Shannon McCollum • 678.754.0956
Monique Woods – 404-766-4205
Shannon McCollum – 678-754-0956
FLX – 646-554-0625
Attention Grown Folks!! Good music has a new home in Elements DVD Magazine!
(ATL, GA, 11-16-04) – If a picture is worth a thousand words, videographer and editor, RedHeadDread takes the
photography of Shannon McCollum and creates a virtual, visual aria. Add documentarian, FLX to the mix and the end
result becomes a masterpiece of movement, music, image and story, creatively linked to live action video accented
by still photography. In combining their appreciation and love for music, performance, art and culture, Elements
Production Group (EPG) has created Elements – DVD-zine.
Elements is a quarterly magazine brought to life on DVD, and distributed freely to the public through partnering
promoters, entertainment events and venues across the US. Elements DVD-zine is the convergence media of today
and tomorrow, combining the best of TV-style programming with a seam less connection to the dynamic social network
of the Internet. Premiering in 2005, Elements will highlight grown folks music – any and everything from classic to
progressive soul; from blues and jazz-influenced rock to funky alternative hip hop – music that is good for the soul.
Through performances and interviews; from backstage, at home and behind the scenes, Elements brings you up close
and personal with those artists that you just don’t get enough of on MTV or BET. Artists like, RES, Van Hunt, John Legend,
Anthony David, Raheem DeVaughn, the Nappy Jointz and more. But even more than just music, Elements gives light
to the pulse of our culture. We cover politics and fashion, visual artists and their work. We are the definitive urban culture
and lifestyle experience. Elements can become the alternative media platform for the thirty-something generation. Just
pop in the DVD, watch the stories, connect to our advertisers/sponsors, read the articles, chat with fellow music lovers
and live the culture. Enter the experience now at
About the producers:
Monique Woods, a.k.a. Redheaddread, a Howard University graduate, began her professional career at CBS network
television, soon after accepting a position with ESPN-Classic Sports Network where she began studying video editing and
digital videography. The artist community of New York City allowed her the perfect forum, both technically and creatively,
to tweak her craft. After working with the likes of R&B songstress Alicia Keys and rap impresarios WuTang Clan, she went
international where she toured Italy, filming jazz legend Max Roach.
After relocating to Atlanta and building an impressive roster of Southern hip hop luminaries, it was only natural that she
join forces with premier Atlanta photographer, Shannon McCollum. McCollum’s reputation of “truth in your face”
precedes his work. He shadowed Mojazz artists Norman Brown and Wayman Tisdale during the 1996 Olympic Games.
And what began with a cover shot of Brian McKnight for Tafrija Magazine created a door that has since allowed him
to distinguish himself as one of Atlanta’s foremost visual music historians.
Completing the trifecta is filmmaker/entrepreneur, James Smith a.k.a. FLX. Like the generation of filmmakers that went
before him (Spike Lee, John Singleton, Ted Demme, et al) FLX is no t afraid to take the maverick approach to cinema.
His gritty, urgent approach to telling a story harks back to the days of guerilla filmmaking. No where is this approach more
apparent than in his inaugural film, Dirty States of America, the first documentary that takes an in depth birds-eye view
at Southern Hip Hop.
Together, the work of EPG spans the gamut of artists and styles. From EPK’s, DVD’s and documentaries to building an
archive of photos, interviews and performance footage on many the hottest acts in hip hop and soul today – (Banner,
Nappy Roots, TI, Chingy, Scrappy, Jill Scott, Raphael Saadiq, etc.), ELEMENTS PRODUCTION GROUP (EPG) can visualize
it all.

::BLOG EXCLUSIVE:: My Life in Idlewild-Movie By OUTKAST

May 14, 2006

My Life in Idlewild

OutKast Project

::Watch trailer at the bottom of the article::

With the world wondering if the fan favorite duo will every get back together on a musical level, the mystery wil l forever be there and they will have to wait just a little while longer. The superstar rap group OUTKAST is set to play in the new film called “IDLEWILD”.

IDLEWILD is set against the backdrop of a 1930s southern speakeasy, Percival, a shy piano player, and Rooster, the club’s showy lead performer and manager, struggle to keep their dreams alive.

This 120 minutes drama/ musical are just another addition to the long list of credits for the two band members, Andre “3000” Benjamin and Antwan “Big Boi” Patton. Just recently the two have been credited for two movies that has done well in the box office, “ATL” and “FOUR BROTHERS.”

Idlewild, as seen in the trailer, has no chance to be an idle movie because of the continuous singing and overwhelming excitement that this movies offers.

The film will be under the eye of acclaimed director of the movie “ATL” Bryan Barber. Barber was a former video producer that has his hands in the film world now and is taking a vision and adding the talented duo of OUTKAST.

Accompanying the group, actors like Faizon Love, Paula Jai Parker and Paula Patton have joined in on the maturation of elevating this project.

Adding credibility to the film there is a viewing of Academy Award Nominee Terrece Howard in this film as well.

This R-rated film for violence, sexuality, nudity and language was filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina and distributed by Universal Pictures Distribution.

Set to release on August 25th, 2006 by HBO films check your local listings for a theater near you.

Written By: PJ Jackson Jr.

::ATL Upcoming Event – Accepting Early Performace Registration::

May 14, 2006

ATLANTA Artist and surrounding cities

We are accepting performance registrations for BREAK Magazine / The East Side Pool Palace Sunday nights beginning June 11, 2006.

Looking for weekly headliners and unsigned grinders!

Get ready to mix with DJs, Producers, Media and the hottest new acts.

The Pool Palace is where records really get broke in Atlanta

More details to come.
If you have questions hit us up right here or
send a message to:

::Filmmaker Monique Woods::

May 14, 2006

“Filmmaker Monique Woods-excedes the expectations on today’s independent film makers”

Filmmaker Monique Woods

Wins “Audience Choice Award”

Finally Sayin’ What I Really Mean

Film features Bun B, David Banner, Chamillionaire, Common, Saul Williams and Others

Atlanta, GA— May 8, 2006 – On Sunday, April 30, 2006, filmmaker Monique Woods won the “Audience Choice Award” for her electrifying debut documentary, Finally Sayin’ What I Really Mean at the 2006 Atlanta Hip Hop Film Festival.

Woods, whose production credits include MTV’s reality show “Making the Band 2”, ESPN Classic Sports Network and the CBS Sunday Morning News, initiates an in-depth look into the world of entertainment by discussing hip hop as the voice of a generation. With over 30 exclusive interviews, she also investigates the business of the music, the struggles independent artists encounter, as well as the trial and tribulations of being signed to a major label. Artists talk about how their music or image is redefined in order to suit marketing strategies.

“This documentary is important because mainstream artists often don’t have the opportunity to say how they really feel and independent artist don’t get enough shine,” says Woods. “Radio is so homogenized now. It only supports the same artists and the same kind of music. Finally Sayin’ What I Really Mean gives different artists a chance to be heard.”

Currently, Woods is working on the set of the Rain Forest Productions movie, Step Show starring Meagan Goode, Darrin Dewitt Henson and Columbus Short. In addition, she continues to devote her time to projects that record the legacy of African Americans in this country. Her next documentaries are Gateway Films’ Lions, which documents the history of African American mayors in the United States and Passing The Torch, which illustrates the historical significance of voting rights.

In order to speak with Monique Woods about the documentary, Finally Sayin’ What I Really Mean or upcoming projects, please contact Tiffany Campbell at 404-314-0786 or Yaminah Ahmad at 678-485-5815.

And be sure to visit her website @!

::A Time 4 Mother’s::

May 14, 2006

Our Mothers Day celebration –“I am her #1 Fan”

The day you come out of the womb of your mother, you ever really don’t know your destiny but your mother has a great idea that you will be a great one. No matter what the world tells you, your mother will always believe that you are great. Your mother will always be your number one fan. So today why don’t you take the time to be hear number one FAN!

The person we pay homage to of giving us life into this world we only give credit to for only a 24 hour span. The question is how can we acknowledge our mothers in a way that we can show our appreciation? How do we deal with this day of giving?

Some of us give our mothers new cars, some of us give our mothers new things they don’t need, some of us take our mother out for dinner; but no matter the gift we all have one common interest and that this is the day that we show our LOVE for our moms.

I am simply writing this piece for all the moms to let you know that you are really appreciated. You help us through our first day of kindergarten, then our time of puberty, you are just an awesome mom. You took the time out to come get us from school when you knew weren’t really sick … you are always on our side.

Then once we transcended into high school we thought that we could do it with out you cause we was getting older and you let us go and find ourselves. If you have not noticed, we always come back to our mothers cause we just love our moms that much . The only one that we have to give credit to for this is GOD (The Supreme Architect), HE lets you know in so many ways that HE is the way the truth and the light but look to your mother for the LOVE also.

Your mother helps to begin the maturation process through adult hood. This is the most difficult time in your life- adulthood. Adulthood is a time where you have been faced with obstacles that you mom has faced too now you have a best friend that you ca relate to that will give you great advice and not judge you . Sometimes you even conflict with your mom but in the same breath you have understood that you mom is your only mom and you love her dearly.

Mother’s Day is not just any day that should be passed over by just an e-card, or a simple I Love you mom, this day should be extended through out your life time because as I stated before you have only on mother to LOVE!

This mother’s day tribute is just to show that I love my mom and I love all the single parents that are doing it by themselves. This is a task that endures strength, courage, passion, tenacity and a great deal of humility.

MOTHER’S you have done it for another year and know that you are appreciated .I want to let you know that you are truly appreciated from the depths of the earth.

Paul J. –The Hip Hop Publicist aka. Lyrical Soul Shocker (Writer) of Hi-Priority Publicity wants to extend my gracious salutations to all mothers a say HAPPY Mother’s Day !

Wriiten by Paul J.


May 10, 2006

I know that you all have been waiting for a new update! We have been overwhelmed with so many events coming up , we are trying to make sure that this will be the best blog of information that you have seen in the coming months

We pride ourselves on bring exclusive information, event coverage, new artist Bios and more. We understand that there is another market out there besides the mainstream artist. If you have any art events, soul artist that you feel need that exposure please feel free to email us at

We want to thank you in advance.