"Setting The Record Straight: Women in Hip-Hop"

“Setting The Record Straight: Women in Hip-Hop”

By: PJ Jackson Jr.

Break out the card board boxes and set the stage, because the battle is set to begin. Coming to Atlanta from all across the world is the B*Gilz. B*Girlz are considered to be the fabulous women of the break dancing movement. Women in Hip Hop are very significant and instrumental with the evolution of the sound. There are dj’s, producers engineers and even B*Girlz that keep the true essence of hip hop going forward.

On Friday 3.31.06 in The Loft’s “VIP” Room (1374 W. Peachtree, ATL 30309) there was a Panel Discussion/Martha Cooper Book Signing 5-7PM as well as featured guest B-Girl Exhibition to follow discussion including break dancing,
popping, locking, graffiti, emceeing, and spoken word.

Here is a list of the B*Girlz that we all know and there contact information!
(for bios, visit www.a3c2006.com and click on We B*Girlz)
Martha Cooper (www.nycitysnapz.com, www.kodakgirl.com)
Nika Kramer (www.hiphopfiles.de)
DJ Shortee (www.djshortee.com, www.faustandshortee.com, www.hot2dj.com)
B-Girl Rokafella (http://www.fullcirclesoul.com)
B-Girl Vendetta
B-Girl Severe
MCs Caustic Dames (www.causticdames.com)
DiviBaby aka MC Divinity (www.divibaby.com/)
B-Girl Meda (http://naturalhabitz.homestead.com/)
B-Girl Katastrophe (http://www.myspace.com/bgirlkatastrophe,
B-Girl J-Blaze
DJ Vera (www.myspace.com/deejayvera)
Stahhr Tha F.E.M.C.E.E. (www.stahhrthafemcee.net,
Janay Everett (www.janayeverett.com)
Dee Dee Cocheta-Williams (http://www.ablackclan.com/)
Moya Bailey (http://www.alternet.org/authors/4934/)
Moderated by Kecia Ellick (www.redreignstudios.com,
www.myspace.com/redreign, www.myspace.com/mseize,
www.myspace.com/thehouseofhiphop, www.myspace.com/brewatlanta)
A3C Independent Hip-Hop Festival 8PM – (ages 18+only) (www.a3C2006.com)

There’s talk about the days of break dancing and graffiti are said to long gone. Not to mention, fat-laced adidas, card board stages and B-Boy standing around in their B*Boy stance. Break dancing has become the past-time of the progressive hip-hop movement.

While pop lockin to the bass beats of the early Run DMC, and Grandmaster Flash & Furious Five, the dances remain the same but the players have changed.

The BGirlz want to present strong, smart, independent B-Girlz and other Hip Hop females as role models for upcoming generations to show everyone that there is a significant place for women in this worldwide culture. In addition, BGirlz want to preserve the history of women in Hip Hop by encouraging everyone to collect and archive materials from back in the days and to document the scene as it exists now. Not to be confused with B-Boys, BGirlz are no slacker when it comes to holding their own in the dance cipher across the world. The BGirlz have created a world wide Phenomenon and you can witness it yourself by visiting the website and understanding the movement.

Be sure to take a look at what has continued the fundamental nature of prolonging the hip hop generation. BGirlz are here to stay!

CHECK OUT (www.bgirlz.com) for more details.


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