Not appearing at all like a couple who just announced their separation, Russell Simmons, his wife Kimora Lee and their daughters Ming Lee, 6, and Aoki, 3, “woke up in the same bed” Monday, Russell revealed to the New York Daily News.

Three days earlier, the Def Jam founder had released a statement announcing the end of his seven-year marriage to the former model. On Tuesday, however, Simmons told the Daily News that he and his family woke up together at their Saddle River, N.J., mansion, and said there’s still “a possibility” they can save their marriage.

“On the day we made our announcement, I picked up my children from school and took them to see ‘Ice Age 2: The Meltdown’ with Kimora,” Simmons told the newspaper.

Simmons said he was also upset over press reports of their split “that made it look like we were unfaithful to each other. That’s not true. We know each other very well.”

Simmons said he told Kimora about his relationship with 23-year-old Dominican video vixen Denise Vasi, and added that the separation boils down to this: “I work with her 14 hours a day. The question is, do we want to be together 24 hours a day? We’re making a space and taking some time, but we’re best friends. We’re still going to have our media interests and our fashion interests. I am producing her reality show, and we’re raising our children together. From what the public sees, there’s absolutely no change.”

Simmons said their separation drama will be featured on her VH1 reality series, “The Kimora Lee Simmons Show,” and laughed: “I’m sure the producers want to get it on the show sooner rather than later.”


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