:::Get Rich or Die Tryin’ DVD set to release:::

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson movie

Get Rich or Die Tryin’ set to release

:::50 Cent finds a way to top the charts again:::

By: PJ Jackson Jr.

With the support by many, the movie, GET RICH OR DIE TRYIN hit stores this past week topping the charts for Curtis “50 cent” Jackson one more time. With no stranger to the chart topping hits Jackson’s gave the audience a chance to see his acting ability from start to finish.

Jackson along with a start studded cast was no slouch along side Oscar nominee, Terrence Howard and many more legends of the film industry.

Jackson actually showed may dynamics I his acting style. He told the tale of his story in a very plausible manner. From start to finish, the story line would continue on a consistent plain. This film was not difficult to follow. There were a few unrealistic things displayed in the movie but you can say to yourself, what movie doesn’t have a bit of fictions nature embedded into it?

Some say that the movie included soulless characters in monotones. This movie was not to be considered as a blockbuster but looking at the quality of the film it was a far reach to even be close to a block buster.

The average movie watcher can take this movie for what it is; a mediocre depiction of the drug rises and falls in the urban community.

On a lighter note one has to look closely, Jackson is no actor, he is a rapper. This attempt to capture a character that he also lived as was probably better then some of the actors we see on these second-rate evening programming

Average (2 stars)

Rated R for full frontal male nudity, topless female nudity, gratuitous violence, pervasive profanity, incessant ethnic slurs, graphic sexuality, and the promotion of drug use.

Running time: 134 minutes

Studio Paramount home Entertainment

DVD Extras: Theatrical trailer, “The Making of” featurette, and another entitled “A Portrait of an Artist.”


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