:::::T.I. single again:::::

T.I. breaks up with his long time girl

back single again

At the height of his career he manages to control the on-going questions about his recent brake up with Tiny (former member of the RnB Group Xscape). T.I, the self proclaimed King of the south, has announced his break-up with long time girlfriend Tiny.

This sudden break up did not end in a sour note. T.I. believes it is time to just move on from the situation because of the opposite focuses in life.

With his new movie, ATL scheduled to release and new album “King” due out this coming Tuesday, (March 28,2006), T.I has a lot of things to worry about …not to mention a label to run and other lucrative business. T.I. is a full time business man that does not have time for a relationship.

Now there are many women across the world that may be happy with this decision but I guarantee that T.I. is not looking to fill Tiny’s shoes just yet.

It was reported that Rapper T.I. ad actress and new video vixen Nia Long was seen at Berry’s (a late night eatery) all intimate. Now some witnesses say that they tried to exit out the back of the hotel but were spotted going toward the room together.

When asked if he was still with Tiny, he said, “I regret to inform you that I’m single. We’re still on good terms. I just think we’re in two different places. Those were some of the best years and best times of my life with her. When people are not happy, they tend to grow apart eventually, so we had to make some decisions. It’s not worth making both people miserable. It’s the mature thing to do in a relationship. I ain’t trippin.” Aw, I really liked them together. But women are rejoicing everywhere at the news that T.I. is on the market.

<<<<<You heard it first from the Hip Hop Publicist>>>>>


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