:::::The Source Magazine is Under new Management:::::

The Source Magazine is “100% Benzino Free”
Taking over by
Black Enterprise/Greenwich Street Corporate Growth Partners

A final decision has been made by the Supreme Court of the State of New York in favor of the takeover of The Source magazine by Black Enterprise/Greenwich Street Corporate Growth Partners.

The words that you hear murmured these days from the wall of the Source magazine are “100% Benzino Free.” Now to some this does not mean anything but to an artist like Eminem or 50 cent this may mean a whole different outlet of readers opening up .

Allegedly in the past, there were words said that Eminem could not be on the cover of the SOURCE magazine. Now this is nothing but speculations but at the height of the career of Mr. Marshal mathers himself Eminem not being on the cover of the Source magazine that has to be something absurd about that. It was said that Benzino was not being ethical in his operational duties and focusing a lot of his duties on rapping ad other side venture.

So when you hear that Black enterprise is under new management ad it is “100% Benzino Free”, it means a lot to many more then just the webmaster that plastered it all over the Source Magazine website.

Now with Black Enterprise taking over The Source Magazine, there is a lot that we need to pay close attention to as avid readers of the young hip publication.

I don’t know when the last time you have ready the Black Enterprise magazine but it is trying to evolved into putting new, hot, trendy business ideas in their for the young black hipster but is it enough to keep the readers of the SOURCE?

These are all question that we sit and contemplate upon but we know that the Greenwich group are a professional entity that ca control the revenue of a large publication like THE SOURCE. Even in an entertainment publication like THE SOURCE, has their mind upon the business aspect of it all. I believe that is THE SOURCE was not thinking about business it would not be at the point it is in now.

Now ask yourself, will the content of the magazine change? Will the advertising of the magazine change? Will the direction of the magazine change? These are all things that will affect the evolution of the newly renovated SOURCE magazine.

But please, be careful, there are so many magazines that are taking shape in the rap world. Some of the magazine that are taking their own silhouette are magazines like Grip magazine in Atlanta, Break Magazine in Atlanta, OZONE Magazine in Florida, DOWN magazine, F.E.D.S magazine to name a few. Now you can see by the brief list that there is room for a sudden take over if the Source magazine ever gets watered down.

As of Thursday March 23, Textron Financial, the company’s senior leader, is free to sell the portion of the company that Dave Mays owns. In his ruling, Judge Richard B. Lowe III stated that “the contracts and agreements are clear, unequivocal and unambiguous and should be enforced.” According to the ruling, Mays willingly signed contracts giving BE/Greenwich Street Partners the right to take control if he defaulted on debt obligations. By not fulfilling these obligations Mays lost control of the company and along with full ownership.

“[David] Mays and Raymond ‘Benzino’ Scott have consistently made false statements over the last two months about their continuing control of The Source,” said Jeremy Miller, President and CEO of The Source magazine. “These rumors and lies have been and continue to be false. We are looking forward to finally being able to move forward without distractions.”


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