:::::New Group -"Ga.P" brings the new RnB flavor:::::



Now that Tiny has left the group Xscape after a reunion (sans lead singer Kandi Burruss) didn’t work out. She’s now teamed up with Keisha, (Kandi’s replacement) to form a new duo called “GA. P” short for Georgia Peaches.

Blending sweet melodies, sultry vocals, and street lyrics, their sound is smooth and sexy but all about real life. Knowing that these two can sing we are in for a surprise.

In this time of music GA.P is trying to bring back the early 90’s sound and incorporate it with the new Atlanta flavor. Atlanta is surely staking a claim in music these days and Ga.P will indeed follow suite.

Women will surely gravitate to this group because of the ultimate connection of the girls’ likeable appeal. The two group members Tiny(Lil Mama) and Kiesha(Babi), truly has the “Roud the Way” home-girl appeal that will elevate themselves into a marketing professionals grand project.

<<<<<<>>>>>> http://www.myspace.com/GAPGIRLZ


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