Young Jeezy

Young Jeezy Arrested After Altercation In Miami

Yes the “Snowman” what we all know him as Young Jeezy was arrested Saturday morning and charged with two counts of carrying a concealed firearm without a permit.

What are we to say about all of this? As rap industry fans take a look at the momentum that Jeezy posse can we say this was a small mistake or was it a case of wrong place wrong time.

Now when I write I like to write objectively an I like you as the reader to get your own assessment of the issues and the happenings in the rap industry.

We should take a minute and say to ourselves. Is this perpetuating the myth of the rap culture? Coming off of the Three Six Mafia Oscar win, is this telling non-rap fans that we can not seem to disassociate ourselves with mischievous activity?

All of this happens after the rapper was involved in an altercation on South Beach in Miami, Florida. Young Jeezy, born Jay Jenkins, and an entourage of men allegedly associated with BMF, were involved in a fight with a group of men around 5:30 am on Saturday (Mar. 11).

We tried calling Jeezy’s management for the real story but we have not received a phone call back … Ironically I have a good relationship with Jeezy Management and I know that they are cool dudes. This situation has to fizzle for the sake of the flourishing Jezzy career.

Coming out with clothing line, new singles and even more hood credibility, Jeezy need to take focus and know that he has a great career ahead him. Jeezy has quickly joined the ranks of Southern rap stars of today, like T.I., U.G.K., 8 Ball and MJG, Scarface, and more.

When a person filming the altercation refused to turn over the video camera, one of the men in the crowd began firing. Police allegedly stated that Jeezy and a group of men, fled in two SUV’s. When officers stopped both vehicles, they found a semiautomatic weapon under the seat of the rapper’s Infiniti Qx56, as well as another gun near the arm rest.

It is time for you to formulate your own analysis… But one thing for sure you heard the “REAL TALK” here with me…..

Paul J.


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