Three Six MAfia Making Strides for the
Hip Hop Culture

Regional Group Takes Oscar !!

Was it in fact a win-win situation with Three six Mafia for the Oscar nomination? Was it a situation of right place, right time? Was it in fact just a great song that depicted what actually goes on in the mean streets of Memphis,Tenn? One thing for sure on Sunday, March 5, 2006 it was not “hard out there for a pimp!”

We all will never know but the members of Three Six Mafia, Jordan “Juicy J” Houston, Paul “D.J. Paul” Beauregard, and songwriter Cedric Coleman, of the famous ,now “Academy Award winning” song “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp” can tell you it was nothing but hard work.

Three Six Mafia has won the Oscar for best original song in a movie and critics are Reflecting on if the song was even warranted. This things for sure, the group has silenced the critics about the ability of rap music and its influence.

When “pimp” won, it followed precedent set two years ago, when Eminem won an Oscar for best original song for his infectious rap, “Lose Yourself,” from the movie 8 Mile. At least lyrically, “Pimp” is more unsuitable for prime-time audiences, primarily because it depicts the gestures of a more repugnant character.

While staring in the movie Hustle & Flow, the group was elated to get the opportunity to have a hand in the depiction of the gritty life of a Memphis,Tenn pimp on the grind to use his hustle and flow to get him to the top.

Elate to be nominated ad invited to perform, Three Six Mafia cleaned up the words to patronize the Oscar audience.

While taking the stage at the 78th Annual Academy Awards, the Memphis,Tenn rap group mad sure that they were making history with a performance to last a life time. This performance was monumental for the culture of Hip-Hop. You don’t have to be an avid supporter of the group to understand this was great strides for the hip hop music culture.

In case it hasn’t applied enough cleanser, the network will use a five-second delay to help its censors, said the group’s attorney, Aaron Rosenberg.

“It’s admirable that voters are recognizing the hip-hop generation and its influence on American culture,: said Rosenberg.

It’s a compromise, for certain, but at this point, everyone involved seems to feel like a winner.

Hear music exclusive interview from Three Six Mafia


Paul J.-The Hip Hop Publicist/Music Journalist


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