J-Dilla, A Young Man, Great Musical Architect shocked with

James “J-Dilla” Yancey left behind a musical legacy

J-Dilla, A Young Man, Great Musical Architect shocked with
Untimely Death!

James “J-Dilla” Yancey left behind a musical legacy

Detroit hip-hop producer and rapper Jay Dee, a.k.a. J Dilla, died on Friday at the age of thirty-two. He had battled lupus for three years, recently touring Europe in a wheelchair, but he concealed the downturn in his health from his manager and close friends. Sources from STONE THROW’S Records say, J Dilla had suffered for over three years with an incurable blood disease, and had also been diagnosed with lupus. This not only confirms his illness but also put us at ease for which his angles with continue to watch over his family.

As African Americans we are responsible for takeing care of our bodies. We are the only ones to be responsible for our actions. Especially people in our industry, we have to take extra care of ourselves. Whether you work a 9-5 and you hustle in entertainment on the side or you do this entertainment lifestyle full time, it is time for us to be responsible in the African American society.
Allegedly people believe that it was a great deal of thing wrong with Dilla but interesting sources say that it may have been the malnourishment of his kidney area.
Born James Yancey, Dee made his name in the Nineties working with De La Soul, Pharcyde and Busta Rhymes, and as a member of A Tribe Called Quest’s production trio, the Ummah. Some of Dee’s most significant production came in 2000, with Common’s breakthrough, Like Water for Chocolate, and D’Angelo’s last effort, the instant R&B classic Voodoo. As he became increasingly known beyond the Detroit underground, Dee also produced tracks for Janet Jackson, Macy Gray and Erykah Badu.
Dilla influenced many as a producer. Dilla, gave his friends, Slum Village a chance to gain a national presence by using his hard hitting tribal beats mixed with great instrumental sequence. Slum Village first national album had great success but continued on his journey to influence the masses. We all know that you can’t consume greatness.
Dilla had been at work on his next solo release, The Shining, which was slated for independent release this spring.
You have read in so may stories and blogs that Dilla was dropping a new unconventional, rhymeless LP called “Donuts”, but people lets be forreal , lets deal with another issue that brings us today. Will the loving memory be forgotten of J-Dilla? Dilla was an architect for the word music. Music was something that not only was his life but his soul. while on his unhealthy road , Dilla managed to contribute to the Grammy nominated album from Common , Be.
Lets be more conscious about what we tend to praise in our industry because life has no promise. Dilla made his mark and will forever get love in the world of music. My entire dilemma is that will the underground scene keep him alive or will DIlla’s name be shouted through the ranks of 2pac, Left Eye,Big Pun, Biggie, Freaky Tah? We all will have to see, but this one thing for sure you will never have to worry about Dilla’s music living on because he contributed timeless and memorable music.
Written by:
Paul J.


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