2nd annual Atlanta Hip-Hop Film Festival

2nd annual Atlanta Hip-Hop Film Festival Is Back

for the second Installment!!!


Atlanta, GA- The African American film industry has began to take shape in Hollywood. While gaining their rightful place in the marketplace, Hip Hop music artist have been becoming one of the most well respected actors in the film industry today. With black director coming for all walks of life, The Atlanta Hip Hop Film Festival has notice that it is time to pay respects to the world that is changing the framework of American film.

Scheduled to kick off the 2nd Annual Hip Hop Film Festival on the Weekend of April 28th-30th, Founder and Event Director Shameka Gumbs, has dedicated a great deal of passion in producing this festival. Along with a team of exuberant women staff, The Film festival has brought a new element to the Atlanta social scene.

As a spectator of the project, one can say that the festival has room to grow but it’s really a well organized. The weekend consists of block parties, award ceremonies, and special screening of independent films. This film festival has become a platform for underground actors, performances, entertainers all over the film industry to come for once a year in Atlanta to indulge in the networking of fellow industry-goers.

The Atlanta hip hop film fest not only provides an avenue for entertainers but it actually opens doors to a new beginning. With featured presenters like F. Gary Gray, Ludacris, and Ice Cube, this event has nothing but star power embedded into the fabric of success. Celebrity honorees will again include hip-hop artists in the film industry promoting and influencing positive change. Awards to be presented to independent filmmakers includes Best Hip-Hop Feature, Best Hip-Hop Short, Best Hip-Hop Documentary, Best Music Video, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Hip-Hop Throwback and Best Hip-Hop Futuristic

The support of the film festival has been overwhelming. The festival have brought in a world of attention in the urban community such as DV8 magazine, Grip Magazine, Atlanta Urban MIX.com, Alter magazine and Vibe magazine. Sponsors have also figured out that this is an excellent sponsorship opportunity because of the potential demographic reach that would be made.

The festivities will take place the entire weekend. Even when the festivities kick off on Friday the events on seminars will be filled until the star studded awards ceremony begins; and that is a must see. Last year there were a lot of surprised guess and I am guaranteed that it will be more this year will be one to see.

Written by:
Paul J.


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