CAM’RON LASHES OUT N AT JAY-Z hear the Exclusive Interview!!!

CAM’RON LASHES OUT AT JAY-Z hear the Exclusive Interview!!!
Does this Beef bring back the luster for the East Coast?

Cam’ron lashes out at Jay-z. What is hip hop coming to? Is this hip hop or is this a matter of a publicity stunt. What ever the answer may be, take it for certain this issue will not be passed over with out media alert’s, press releases, press conferences and more publicity propaganda. (YES…. You have entered the blog of a Music Publicist and a lover of HIP HOP.)

Many Cam’ron fans could actually be split on this particular issue of the disagreement with Jay-z, what could he be actually thinking about. Not taking anything any from Cam’ron . I really think that he falls in to the category of the under-rated rappers.

Not to be confused by a 50 cent scandal or publicity stunt, this Cam’ron and Jay-z quarrel is only the beginning.

Let me please slow down for people who do not know what is going on right now in our illustrious world of hip hop. Hip hop’s poster child for hip hop right now, Jay-z has been ridiculed by the former label mate Cam’ron. We all know if you have been keeping up with rap in this century, you would already know that the two does not care for each other. This was expressed to entities of the Roc-a-Fella staff according to sources; the two rarely had dealing with each other. Steaming from sudden promotion of Cam’ron to label presient by former co-business partner Dame Dash, at that time Jay-z again expressed his dissatisfaction with the ordeal taking place and for whom it was placed.

Prior to Cam’ron getting signed to Roc-a-Fella Records, Jay-z was not aware of the Cam’ron, as an artist, joining the roster. This incident could have brought a slight resentment toward both Dame Dash-Former Partner and Cam’ron- recent adversary!

What does the avid lover of hip hop music takes this one? Well that is the question that I pose for you today rap lovers,

Do you think Jay-z is in fact becoming a bully over the rap world?

Is Cam’ron crying and weeping and need to man up and step his game up?

Has Cam’ron decided to take up for DAME DASH cause of the lackluster viewer ship of Ultimate Hustler?

I would like to hear it from you, fellow bloggers.
It was said in this interview that this sudden mishaps will spark the industry. What will you have artists taking sides?
A lot of the artist today deals with Jay-z and Cam’rom, how do you deal with this problem and how do you try to rectify this forgoing problem.

There could actually be a stand up in hip-hop and create better MC’s and break some as well. You have a new roster of artists that has been added to the Def Jm roster and we would like to know how they feel about the instance lash of words distributed to Jay –Z. As a bloggers I would really like to know how you all feel about who would back Jay-Z and the Def Jam empire, for instance: Young Jeezy, T.I.,The Roots, Beanie Siegal, Memphis Bleek etc. just to name a few.



Is this bringing the Hip Hop movement back to NYC? (Start a new blog with PAUL J.-The Hip-Hop Publicist “Real Talk”)!


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