D4L Hates…….Dem Frachise Boys….?????

D4L Hates…….Dem Franchise Boys….?????

Jizzal Man of Franchise Boys: They try to follow in our footsteps. We’re trendsetters. It’s like Buddie said, it’s a package thang, man. We dropped “White Teez”, and then people came out with “Black Teez, Red Teez”. All for [some of our] success…

Manager. Johnny Cabbell say… “We have no beef with Dem Franchize Boyz or with any other group,” says Cabbell. “We understand, however, that sometimes when acts have nothing positive to talk about in their careers they resort to criticizing other acts that they feel are more successful. I think that¹s the case here. We would much rather spend time talking about the positive things that D4L is doing: we climbed all the way to number two on the Billboard charts, we’re playing arenas and steadily making appearances across the country and overseas. It’s unfortunate that we have to interrupt such a positive stride to address something so negative.”

Starting this off like this, as you can see it two very conflicting statements. there is some beefs of the two because it was all over Atlanta radio in the morning from the illustrious A-team of Hot 107.9 morning show and also the Frank ski show.

we would not have so much attention surrounding the two acts if they did not have any beefs. I have seen close had for me that the two groups do not care for each other at the November Dirty Awards hosted in Atlanta. I had the opportunity to sit next to the men of D4L and I seen a bit of a rivalry but I also seen a bit of mild hating on the part of the D4L. This came shortly after the show tape for DFB was not working properly. How can we get to the bottom of this believe that I will get to the bottom of this because these are two groups that are taken the industry by storm and making different party music? I am all the way in Cincinnati, Ohio and they are rocking D4L and franchise boys in those clubs.

what ever people say , people may consider this as inflammatory music and they may not consider this hip hop but from a publicist standpoint i would have to say they are very marketable .

from the standpoint of a hip hop lover I can honestly say that this music will not be around .. but one thing I can say is that this music does deserved to be heard by the masses cause as these boys say all the time and they have said it to me before too …. this is a feel good music that actually feels the spirits of most of the world today.


Mook B.
We aint got nothing but love for them cats but I don’t understand all the talking. We hearing nasty rumors that we sabotaged they show at The Dirty Awards and they saying this and that about D4L but we don’t do business like that. I don’t know what’s wrong with them cats man. It’s like this. I plugged them cats, I’m the one who put they CD in Coco Brotha’s hands, I recorded not wrote, I recorded “White Tee” in our studio, I did that and they know I did that. Then Coco put Rahiem on the record because he had an established label. But they elected to go with the glamour and the bling not knowing it’s all about the grimy aspect and relationships more so than money in this game.

To fully understand this you would have to totally appreciate the music and the origin of the “snap music” the “doin it dance”! These are two things that could have very well fueled the beefs because of the origin of these two significant parts of both of these groups.

Both of these groups have a close formula that they use and if you blink twice you might think it is the sam group but indeed it is actually two groups that are trying to have a different flavor.

while they are trying to figure this flavor out , people are trying to pin them against each other. I really feel that the world is trying to weed out one. I presume that the world can’t take too much more of the snap music

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