Snoop Dogg, the ever famous rapper slash unproven L.A. Crip, was sighted at Tookie Williams funeral.
Now i sit back and think, SNoop want to disassociate himeself with things of this magnatude and you see that he ends up there at the funer of the known creator of the L.A. Gang the CRIPS.

I just want to know how people felt about snoop not only going to the funeral but offering his words in the form of a poem.

What kind of message is this sedning out from the Snoop Dog camp? DO you think that this will help kids to understand it is not about banging anymore,……….NO!
Most people will read this and say I am glad that Snoop paid his respects at the funeral.

IS music still around . if gangs are still around is it prevelent in the entertainment industry and if it is …is it talked about or is it more on a hush!!

I am just speaking real talk and we need to figure that out cause hip hop …. is not just a hit song , it is a cultural movement!!!!!

written by: Paul J.


  1. The Garner Circle PR Says:

    Ozone magazine editor Julia Beverly has made quite a reputation for her magazine with articles about groupie sex involving well-known rappers. But a recent article she wrote — that has nothing to do with groupies — has the founders of the embattled Source magazine hopping mad. The article was part of Ozone magazine’s year-end issue. In it, Beverly wrote this of Source magazine founders Ray Benzino (pictured) and Dave Mays:
    “Dave & ‘Zino were in control of the most recognized brand and platform in hip hop and they squandered it on a bunch of bullshit instead of tackling the real issues and giving aspiring journalists and photographers a chance to show off their skills.”
    Not surprisingly, their reaction after reading the article was nothing nice. According to Beverly, Benzino and Dave called her cell phone 8 times but she kept hanging up on them. Not to be deterred, ‘Zino called the Ozone magazine offices and left a message laced with racial insults, profanity and put-downs. Beverly says she slammed the Source in her article partly because they still owe her $1,575 for articles she wrote over a year ago. What ya thinK??????????

  2. RedDread Says:

    That sucks about the Ozone thing. One would think that in this day and age we could get over our racism, especially Black folks, especially in hip hop. And Benzino and his half-white ass just needs to sit down and stop it!
    But, speaking on the Snoop Dogg/Tookie Williams thing. I see nothing wrong with Snoop paying his tribute at this man’s funeral. Yes, Tookie did found the infamous Crips gang however, he spent the majority of his incarecerated life denouncing the violent gang culture that he helped create. He did more to change our society from behind bars than most free people in the world. Most Americans aren’t giving a damn about gang violence unless it comes into their neighborhoods or affects their kids. Kids that get involved in that life do so for reasons that many of us will never comprehend because we don’t live in that world. We’ll never understand that that is the only means of survival, the only family, the only love that some kids have. Tookie was wrong for creating that atmosphere but he made a mistake, we all make mistakes. Who really knew how far that was going to go?
    But, his time in jail made the case for rehabilitation because he did his damnedest to try and make gangbangers today see that there are other options, possibilties and ways – all that in the face of a government and a society that increasingly seeks to limit those alternatives.
    So is Snoop wrong for choosing to honor a man who influenced his life not only for the worse but also for the better? I think not. We should all recognize the human-ness in each other and besides that, isn’t forgiveness the Christian way???

  3. Anonymous Says:

    PJ-Please give me a call

    Eric B. (y’know–from fye)

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