Tyrese Looking to RAP..???

Yes it is Tyrese the singer is looking to rap.
who would have guess that the BABY BOY -Jodi would be trying to
actually rap. sources say that he will actually have crediable people working on this
album trying to give tyrese “little baby boy” some credibility.Individuals like Paul Wall, Chingy, The Game, R.Kelly, and former co-star Snoop Dogg to name a few seem to have some faith in Tyrese or there apperence fee Tyrese can pay.

we are not going to slight tyrese on his money but come on now …. Rap. try something else.
try coming out with a work out take but rap may not be your thing. we vauguely remember you trying to spit some bars on your 2002 watts album and your frist album!

when will this STOP!!!???

as a publicist I would have to take a step back and say it may be hard pitch tyrese the rapper to real rap magazines, i may lose my hip hop publicist title.

Tyrese may need to rethink this one.

in your case tyrese it is not a good look.

but for the sake of hip hop, ask yourself…..

will he better HIP HOP? only time will tell!
Written by: Paul J.


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