First lady of Streetwise Records

Ms. Cherry

First lady of Streetwise Records

She has created her own batter for the recipe of success in the music industry.

With ¼ cup of Foxy Brown’s sassiness, 2 tablespoons of Lil Kim’s sexually induced lyrics, a full cup of Gansat Boo’s street creditability and ½ cup of Trina’s (Diamond Princess) confident swagger; any one knows when you mix all that in to one you have potential greatness standing before you, Ms. Cherry.

Once all the ingredients have been mixed properly, you are suddenly introduced to the first lady of Streetwize Records, Ms Cherry.

Ms Cherry, a native of Atlanta,Ga brings nothing but her crunck energy, street rhymes, and determination for success to the female rap game.

With a great deal of a attention mounting over Ms Cherry in the last recent years, Ms Cherry manage to ink a deal with Atlanta based received label streetwize Records.

The crunk new single “Its Whatever”, with its banging beat and Ms Cherry’s feisty lyrics, has clubs jumping all over the south the multi-faceted, Ms Cherry has the amount of talent to bring the female rap game, not only to the south but to the music industry period.

Ms. Cherry is the total package! Be on the lookout for Ms Cherry on tour in a city near you.

Written by: Paul J.


2 Responses to “First lady of Streetwise Records”

  1. chicago hip hop Says:

    what do you think about potency calling himself the king of rap?

  2. The Hip-Hop Publicist Says:

    Well i would have to saythat how has he gone against. Most of the time when cats are sitting in their house or are sitting in the dorm room they feel that they are the king of reap cause they can relate and people tell them that they making moves but that is not the case. Cats need to understand that , just because you hot in your town does not me u are the shit.

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