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December 23, 2005

Snoop Dogg, the ever famous rapper slash unproven L.A. Crip, was sighted at Tookie Williams funeral.
Now i sit back and think, SNoop want to disassociate himeself with things of this magnatude and you see that he ends up there at the funer of the known creator of the L.A. Gang the CRIPS.

I just want to know how people felt about snoop not only going to the funeral but offering his words in the form of a poem.

What kind of message is this sedning out from the Snoop Dog camp? DO you think that this will help kids to understand it is not about banging anymore,……….NO!
Most people will read this and say I am glad that Snoop paid his respects at the funeral.

IS music still around . if gangs are still around is it prevelent in the entertainment industry and if it is …is it talked about or is it more on a hush!!

I am just speaking real talk and we need to figure that out cause hip hop …. is not just a hit song , it is a cultural movement!!!!!

written by: Paul J.

Tyrese Looking to RAP..???

December 21, 2005

Yes it is Tyrese the singer is looking to rap.
who would have guess that the BABY BOY -Jodi would be trying to
actually rap. sources say that he will actually have crediable people working on this
album trying to give tyrese “little baby boy” some credibility.Individuals like Paul Wall, Chingy, The Game, R.Kelly, and former co-star Snoop Dogg to name a few seem to have some faith in Tyrese or there apperence fee Tyrese can pay.

we are not going to slight tyrese on his money but come on now …. Rap. try something else.
try coming out with a work out take but rap may not be your thing. we vauguely remember you trying to spit some bars on your 2002 watts album and your frist album!

when will this STOP!!!???

as a publicist I would have to take a step back and say it may be hard pitch tyrese the rapper to real rap magazines, i may lose my hip hop publicist title.

Tyrese may need to rethink this one.

in your case tyrese it is not a good look.

but for the sake of hip hop, ask yourself…..

will he better HIP HOP? only time will tell!
Written by: Paul J.

December 20, 2005

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First lady of Streetwise Records

December 20, 2005

Ms. Cherry

First lady of Streetwise Records

She has created her own batter for the recipe of success in the music industry.

With ¼ cup of Foxy Brown’s sassiness, 2 tablespoons of Lil Kim’s sexually induced lyrics, a full cup of Gansat Boo’s street creditability and ½ cup of Trina’s (Diamond Princess) confident swagger; any one knows when you mix all that in to one you have potential greatness standing before you, Ms. Cherry.

Once all the ingredients have been mixed properly, you are suddenly introduced to the first lady of Streetwize Records, Ms Cherry.

Ms Cherry, a native of Atlanta,Ga brings nothing but her crunck energy, street rhymes, and determination for success to the female rap game.

With a great deal of a attention mounting over Ms Cherry in the last recent years, Ms Cherry manage to ink a deal with Atlanta based received label streetwize Records.

The crunk new single “Its Whatever”, with its banging beat and Ms Cherry’s feisty lyrics, has clubs jumping all over the south the multi-faceted, Ms Cherry has the amount of talent to bring the female rap game, not only to the south but to the music industry period.

Ms. Cherry is the total package! Be on the lookout for Ms Cherry on tour in a city near you.

Written by: Paul J.